Welcome to Life Mapping

Creating health, happiness and wholeness through self-mastery

Our Purpose

Everett & Monika are committed to supporting your self-mastery so that you can re-engineer your life to be more healthy, happy, and whole.  Life Mapping is a system for mapping your life and career to be one that is perfectly suited to you.  We are a community of practice, integrating Life Mapping and other spiritual practices into your daily life.  As you know, spiritual growth and personal development are an iterative process that is more holographic than a straight line.  We have created this learning community to support you on your self-mastery journey using the practice of Life Mapping.

Monika is the author of the best selling book, Life Mapping: A Journey of Self-Discovery and Path Finding.  She is a business coach and organizational consultant.  Everett is a life long entrepreneur and Monika's life partner.  Together, they launched this community to support others in their practice of Life Mapping.


Why Join Us

We have entered new period of evolution for human beings.  We are rejecting some of the power and control systems that people have created for our society.  People are realizing that it is natural to feel good and they want that a happy, purpose driven, abundant life.

This community is for you ...
  • if you are tired of being stagnant in your career,
  • If you do the mantras and read the books yet still feel empty and lonely,
  • if you have sacrificed of your personal life for work and career,
  • if you are afraid to be your authentic self for fear of rejection,
  • if you are struggling with finding balance and peace of mind,
  • if you know you want to learn to love yourself and change your inner dialogue,
  • if you have trouble trusting others and yourself,
  • if you are dreaming of an intimate relationship and keep attracting the wrong partner,

We are here to help you learn to manifest your deepest desires so you can feel happy and fulfilled using spiritual practices.

We learn from the Law of Attraction that your thoughts create your experience.  And you can change your experience by focusing your thoughts on what you do want vs what you don’t want.  You can create anything you desire when you connect to your spirit and move away from judgement, doubt and fear.  Judgement, doubt and fear only create resistance to the prayers and wishes manifesting in your reality.

We are building and gathering a community of spiritually-minded individuals and creating a space where  all of us can practice and grow our ability to manifest all that we desire.  A learning community that will allow us to move along the journey of self-mastery.  An accepting community of belonging where no one thinks you are weird because you are embracing & loving yourself just the way you are.

We look forward to engaging with you as a member of our learning community where you will begin to map your life and remove the blocks and obstacles both internal and external that prevent you from manifesting your vision.  As a member, you will have access to our books, courses, and a intimate engaging community to support your self-mastery journey.